is the neighborhood garage

Now there is a service to help you spare your precious home space and your leisure time. At Liiteri you can conveniently rent battery powered Ryobi tools and Kärcher house cleaning equipment of K-rauta when you need them. The gear can be picked-up at the 24/7 Liiteri self-service point at Teurastamo, Helsinki easily accessible by public transport. Alternatively, you can order a home delivery with the environmentally friendly crowdsourced PiggyBaggy service. Liiteri pilot will also offer other time saving circular economy services.

Now you can spare the precious space of your home as well as your leisure time with the Liiteri services. Liiteri provides you with K-rauta’s battery powered quality Ryobi tools and Kärcher house cleaning equipment for rent conveniently when you need them.


“The Liiteri tool shed is a great service: Eco-friendly, close to people and picking up to tools is easy. We definately need more of this in Helsinki.”

Else Maskonen

“I came across with the Liiteri tool shed in the advertising news. I’m very pleased with the service. I was easy to get a textile cleaner for washing the insides of my car. There’s still some little usability improvements to make but I hope the service will continue.”
Jukka Hurme
“A very practical service for renting tools that are needed only occasionally. The robust impact drill from the Liiteri tool shed make it possible for me to install the smoke alarm properly on the ceiling.”

Kari Lindstedt



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