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Rent home equipment 24/7

Save your space and the environment.

19.80€ special - try unlimited use with monthly subscription.


World Circular Economy Forum side event: Asoliiteri in Vuosaari

Open doors during the WCEF on Monday 3.6. and Tuesday 4.6. from 12 – 16

The housing company Asokodit (Asuntosäätiön Asumisoikeus Oy) and CoReorient Oy start-up developed a consumer circular economy solution and support from the versatile cultural centre Vuotalo (City of Helsinki) made it possible to have it available for all the citizens of Helsinki. Now, anyone can get home equipment as a service by reserving on-line and picking up from the local 24/7 smart container next to Vuotalo instead of wasting space at home. Repair services and crowdsourced home deliveries of items will also be available through the same platform in the near future.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, come and learn how Liiteri platform will support local communities, how it integrates into smart buildings etc.

More information: / +358 50 483 6388

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Liiteri has been recognized as one of the best service & solution for sustainable living in 2018!