FAQ – Liiteri.net – Home equipment as a 24/7 service


1. Where are the Liiteri services located?
Currently there are Liiteris at Teurastamo Helsinki, in Kivistö Vantaa, in Lempäälä and in Otaniemi Espoo. In addition there is a Asoliiteri for the Asuntosäätiö selected customers in Vuosaari, Helsinki.  Learn more about the location at the Contacts page.

2. How do I get to use the Liiteri’s devices?
1. Select the Liiteri you want to use from the list on the Contacts page
2. Sign up and confirm your email address
3. Buy a monthly plan or use a coupon code you’ve received
4. Book and use the devices

3. How much using Liiteri costs?
The monthly plan of Liiteri is  0.99€/day which is 29.70€/month. In addition at Kivistö Liiteri in Vantaa monthly price of 18.80 € is currently being tested.

4. How do I pay for the monthly plan?
The monthly plan can be paid with both credit and debit card.

5. How do I cancel my monthly subscription? Is there some kind of cancelling period which requires me to pay certain amount of time even after cancelling?
You can cancel your subscription anytime in the service at your Profile page by pressing  Unsubscribe button. Your subscription will end when the ongoing one month long billing period ends and you will not be charged after that.

6. How long is the maximum loan time of the items?
The number of loaning hours per item is 24, i.e. each one can be borrowed for 24 hours at a time.

7. Can I return the item before the loaning time ends?
Yes you can. You can return the item anytime during you booking.

8. How do I get in to Liiteri?
Once you have registered and purchased a monthly plan for your selected Liiteri, you can reserve an item. 15 minutes before the beginning of your booking time a door opening button will appear on the service. Liiteri door open by a push of the button with your mobile device with internet access. Also returning of the item works the same way. Items can be returned throughout their loan time. The door opening instructions are sent to the user also by e-mail.

9. Does Liiteri monthly plan work in all of the Liiteris?
Liiteri monthly plans are Liiteri specific. The monthly plan will only work in the Liiteri you’ve purchased it for.

10. Would you like to have Liiteri in your city?
Please leave your contact information here. We’ll inform you when it happens!

11. What are the service languages?
The service works in Finnish and English.

12. Did not find the answer to your question?
Please email us at: info@liiteri.net