Pricing – – Home equipment as a 24/7 service


You can borrow useful everyday items from the Liiteri service in two ways: by using items with the flexible and affordable monthly subscription, or renting items separately with an hourly or daily rate.


Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription is the smartest and most cost efficient way to use Liiteri when you want to us an item or an appliance for several hours or want to try other items as well. You will also reduce the amount of hassle because the more flexible return times and longer borrowing time allows you to fit the pick-up and return to your own schedule.


By renting the textile cleaner for six hours you pay more than taking a subscription for the whole month.


With the monthly subscription you can use the item up to 48 hours. You can borrow also other items for as long as this, and borrow several items at the same time if you prefer. Text message reminders ensure that you remember to return the item on time.


Pay per use

You can rent Liiteri items also by paying for each use, which is convenient if you need them only for a short period of time near the Liiteri.

Example pay per use prices:

Textile cleaner: 5€/hour
Sewing machine: 3€/hour


Small item purchases


You can also buy small items from Liiteri to get your everyday projects done with less effort. For example, you can get screws and plugs so that you don’t need to go to the hardware store after (or before) borrowing a cordless hammer. Other examples are batteries, a LED lamp or soil for flowers.

You can purchase the small items in advance and take with you at the same time as you pick up the borrowed item. We are still piloting the purchase service and welcome feedback on which small items our customers would like to see in Liiteri.